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Parting of ways between boxer and promotion based on mutually agreed contract termination.
UNIVERSUMs virulent press release, claiming the Hamburg-based promotion and heavyweight boxer Christian Thun separated mainly for reasons of athletic performance, is incorrect.

Christian Thun parts ways with UNIVERSUM boxing promotion – split consensual.

Thun has won all of his six professional fights. For that reason and also taking into account Thuns age (28), they claimed to be committed to progress from the athletic as well as the business perspective. Legacy Sports Management then made the decision to buy Thun out of his contract with UNIVERSUM in order to go into concrete negotiations with the so-called „Big 5“ promoters in the USA.

Because: Contrary to the portrayal of UNIVERSUM, big fights are the next logical career step for Thun. While UNIVERSUM Boxpromotion tried to take Thun’s ambitions into account, they were ultimately, from an economic standpoint, not willing or able to take the next step. This ultimately led to the mutually agreed contract termination.

Uncoordinated press release violates contractual agreement

All parties involved agreed not to disclose details of the contract termination. The depiction in the press that is destructive to the athlete is therefore grossly unsportsmanlike and unworthy of a prestigious boxing stable like UNIVERSUM.

The press release was not preceded by a dispute of any form whatsoever. In contrary, Christian Thun, his management and UNIVERSUM look back at a fundamentally fruitful cooperation.